Organic Latin America is the result of a strategic global alliance of companies that are seeking excellence in the production of organic foods.
This Joint Venture is constituted by companies from New Zealand, Denmark, Thailand and Argentina. It pursues the objective of satisfying the needs of importers and consumers of organic products of the leading international markets.

Our company is specialized in the production, processing, distribution and exportation of organic products and counts with a vast and diverse product range.

  Our experience allows us offering a wide range of raw materials and processed foods such as rice varieties and those prepared from organic rice flour of the highest quality, as well as dried fruits that are produced during opposite seasons to the northern hemisphere, among others.
Our products meet the required certifications and achieve the highest international quality standards which enable us to meet the needs of the most demanding markets.

The physical and commercial presence of Organic Latin America throughout four continents is an unique advantage. This asset makes it possible for our clients to receive a continuous standing offer of diverse organic foods. Thus, through its presence, OLA achieves a strong synergy of human skills, finance and logistics as well as a high volume of production which position the company in international organic foods markets.

         Because we are so proud of our work, we invite you to meet and work with Organic Latin America, a company whose aim is the pursuit of optimal results in quality organic foods.


Tel: (11-54) 4375-2000/4374-1200
Viamonte 1728 3G
Capital Federal - Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA.

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